When your website really counts

We LOVE our Website

I have worked with Karelle Scharff for over eight years as she developed and has continued to update and coordinate a website for our organization ISSE.  She took a static site and turned it into a website that is much easier for me and others in our organization to use.  Karelle continues to keep up to date on the latest computer information and applications in order to make our site user friendly.  We are currently using the Wordpress program having changed from Joomla a year ago.  Each time a change is made Karelle is so good about sitting down with me and explaining any changes and what I need to do to work with the new program and keep our group’s information updated.
In addition to our website Karelle worked with me to start a Facebook page for ISSE.  Now, both the website and Facebook page are easily accessible to our members and others visiting both sites.  We have received many positive comments about the looks of our sites and they are both attracting new interest in our program which is increasing our membership.  Karelle is easy to work with and very patient when it comes to working with others less savvy to all the new computer technology available.
So, if you’re wanting a website, wanting to update a static site, and/or need an experienced website developer and someone that knows their way around the latest computer programs, Karelle at Best WWW Solutions is your person.

Beverly CampbellISSE AdministrationInternational School to School Experience

Karelle has done a fabulous job on our website!  She’s extremely creative and also easy to work with – changes and requests are handled immediately.  We are really pleased and would highly recommend her.

When I first met Karelle, and BestWWWSolutions, I was not even using emails or the internet. When I finally left the US, in mid-2013 and returned to my home country of England after 33 years, we had, amongst other projects, created The Global Qi Project – which had an estimated 60,000 downloads in 148 countries of the book I had written on the ancient Chinese health practices known as Qigong. When we started I knew nothing about how to go about this, and she guided me every step of the way.

One of the things I miss most about leaving the US is working with Karelle. She was always there to deliver the goods, and she made it fun. Indeed we still Skype and are working together on projects, 5,000 miles apart, because I have not found anybody who comes close to doing what she does.

Karelle Scharff makes all the agony of computers and computing fun.

It is not often that a computer consultant and engineer is also a visual artist, but Karelle’s background in photography, as an artist and a teacher, allows her to create effective designs and websites.

Jim MacRitchieAcupuncturist and Qigong teacherPersonal Energy Centre

Karelle pays attention to things like page names, file names, link names, heading names, so SEO is well-started by the attention to keywords. I can see the effects in Google.

I LOVE it. It’s exactly what I wanted! Karelle, you’re the best!

A lot of my business comes through my website, and after the redesign Best WWW Solutions did, I’m getting more queries than ever, and sales are increasing.


I am a technophobe, and happily so. Karelle designed and maintains my website. I tell her what’s new, give her the photos and copy, and magically it appears. I’ve had customers compliment me on how nice my site is and how easy it is to find information.

I love our new website; we started with a vague notion and Karelle (owner of Best WWW Solutions) held our hand through the whole process, explaining each step, sometimes several times until we understood. Now we can do a lot of the updating ourselves, and this is very cost-effective.