How much will a website cost?

There’s no easy answer to the question “How much will it cost?” The range is between $400 for a VERY simple site to $10,000 for an ecommerce site with all the bells and whistles. Of course, the nice thing about websites is that they can grow and change, and if they’re based on a content management system, growing and changing is easy, and even fun.

Most BWWWS-designed sites use a Content Management System (CMS), either Joomla or WordPress, for maximum end-user editability and maximum expandability. Shopping carts and ecommerce add value to a web site but may also require much more time and effort to set up and maintain. Joomla! and WordPress sites can be designed with custom templates. There are so many variables in the creation of a website that a firm price can’t be quoted without a discussion about what you want your website to be, do and look like. Please email or call.

Whether CMS or static, all sites are constructed with structural html, consistent with HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3), making the pages consistent, readable and easily modifiable. This also speeds load times and makes the site experience more consistent from one browser to another and from one platform to another, including iphones and ipads.

You may supply digital images or we will scan your photos or graphics and add them to your pages. Photos and graphics may be resized and compressed to download efficiently. Please use only professional photography and graphics. This is your first impression, make it an outstanding impression. We can add video or Flash (not recommended due to the lack of a flash player for iOS devices), image rotators, image galleries, sound files, social media buttons, user forums and other specialized enhancements.

Text must be supplied on disk, or may be emailed (check with us for acceptable formats) – additional charges may be incurred if we must enter large volumes of text.

We will use your existing logo and design navigational buttons or text navigation to compliment your logo and colors. If you don’t have a logo, we would be happy to help you create one. A logo is an important element to establishing a business identity. We work with several different graphic designers for logos and other needs.

Once your site is complete, we will upload it to your personal Web space or to your Web Host. Please note that we do provide Web space which we manage closely, but it must be ordered separately. You may arrange to use the space provided by your ISP (though this is only for personal sites, unless you purchase hosting from them), sign up for our web space ($150 per year) or sign up with a Web Hosting service yourself.

  • Please call Best WWW Solutions
    at 303 459 3363