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The Old Gallery

TOGfront2Yes, it’s another WordPress site using the fabulous Headway Themes framework to build a unique site that includes sliders, a page specific calendar and a megamenu. The Old Gallery is a small art gallery and community center located in Allenspark, Colorado. They host numerous musical, theatrical and artistic events for Allenspark and surrounding communities. They needed a website to advertise their events and to support their other work – like a community food pantry and meeting site for community groups.

TOG mega menuThis site’s menu is so extensive that a mega menu was the only way to include everything without way too many dropdowns.

TOGexcerptpageHeadway allows for different templates to be used for different kinds of pages, so to display some of the inner page information I used a Headway specific plugin that displays excerpts, called Excerpts+. This has been superseded by another from the same developer called Architect which does even more.

TOGperformanceartHere’s an inside page that is an end page.

End pages use a variety of templates depending on their ultimate function. Some have slide shows, and announcements and topic-specific calendars using Google calendars, some only have text. Each page (or type of page) is assigned a template to make it dead easy for the client to be able to maintain and grow the site.

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